How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

Most of us are aware that our toothbrushes are not supposed to last forever. However, determining when to replace the toothbrush can sometimes be confusing. 

According to manufacturer recommendations, you should replace your toothbrush every 12 to 16 weeks. In some circumstances, you may need to replace your toothbrush sooner. If you don't replace your toothbrush on time, it can harm your dental health and spread illness. 

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Types of Toothbrushes

There are two types of toothbrushes available: manual and electric. You should choose what is most comfortable for you and makes you want to brush your teeth regularly. 

A manual toothbrush is lightweight and portable, and it is ready to use whenever you need it. It is silent, and you have complete control over the pressure applied to your teeth and gums.

An electric toothbrush must be charged and is more difficult to transport when traveling. The rotating movement of the brush head, on the other hand, makes cleaning between the teeth and above the gum line easier. Many electric toothbrushes contain built-in sensors to ensure that you brush for the appropriate amount of time and do not press too hard.

When Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

Brushes should be changed every 3 to 4 months. If you've been sick, consider replacing your toothbrush sooner, especially if it's stored near other toothbrushes. 

Look at the bristles if you're unsure. They will not clean teeth as thoroughly if they are frayed. 

When Should an Electric Toothbrush Head Be Replaced?

Electric toothbrush heads also have nylon bristles and they can wear out with repeated usage. Furthermore, because the bristles are shorter, they may fray even easier. 

Replace the toothbrush head on your electric toothbrush every 12 weeks, if not sooner. To make sure you need to replace the brush head, look for signs of wear and tear on the bristles.

Maintaining Your Toothbrush

The American Dental Association recommends rinsing your toothbrush under running tap water after brushing your teeth. Water will wipe away saliva and toothpaste residue. 

You should also consider not storing your toothbrush in a closed container to avoid bacterial accumulations and place it vertically after use to allow the bristles to dry properly.

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