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Laser Dentistry Provides Gentle Treatment Options

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Advanced Laser Dentistry

Many patients choose to avoid their dental treatments out of fear of pain or discomfort. At Cheyenne Mountain Dental Group, we want every patient to get the treatment they need without the fear. To accomplish this goal, we have invested in the state-of-the-art BIOLASE® WaterLase®iPlus™ dental laser. With laser technology, we are able to treat many of your dental needs without the use of drills, scalpels or sutures—we simply use water and laser energy. Laser dentistry is virtually painless, minimally invasive and provides almost instantaneous results. We can perform a wide variety of services with our laser, so you do not have to put your treatment off any longer.

Laser Dentistry Colorado Springs, CO

“Before the options where to take it out (teeth) or do a very highly invasive gum procedure, now we can do that with minimally invasive, minimal healing time and minimal pain.”
Stephen Davis, DDS

  • Gum Disease Treatment

    gum disease
    For those affected by gum disease, we are able to provide the treatment you need without the painful, traditional procedures using the REPaiR protocol. REPaiR uses our dental laser to eliminate disease-causing bacteria without harming the healthy tissue, and even promotes jaw bone growth.
  • Peri-Implantitis

    Through the use of the REPaiR protocol, we are able to treat peri-implantitis, a condition similar to gum disease that affects the site of dental implants. When bacteria affect the gum tissue surrounding a dental implant, standard gum disease care cannot be performed. Our dental laser is able to eliminate the disease without harming the implant post or healthy tissue.
  • Crown Lengthening

    gummy smile
    When someone is affected by a “gummy smile,” they generally have too much gum tissue covering their teeth. This causes the teeth to appear shorter than they really are. Our dental laser is able to gently remove the excess tissue and “lengthen” the crowns of the teeth, revealing what was hidden underneath.
  • Dental Filling

    If you have a cavity in a tooth, we can use our gentle lasers to remove the bacteria and clean out the tooth. This eliminates the need for drilling into the tooth through traditional methods. Those with dental anxiety can benefit from cavity treatment using this laser dentistry procedure.
  • Gingivectomy

    To treat those with advanced gum disease (periodontitis), a gingivectomy removes infected gum tissue. With laser dentistry, we will not need to rely on scalpels or sutures and you will experience very minimal bleeding. We will reshape your gum tissue to remove the disease and the periodontal pockets between teeth and gums.
  • Frenectomy

    Those who are lip- or tongue-tied usually seek a frenectomy to remove the tight fold of tissue that holds the lip or tongue too tightly. When performing a laser frenectomy, there is no need for scalpels or sutures and there is virtually no bleeding. Recovery time is quick and the treatment can be performed in just a few short minutes.
  • Soft Tissue Recontouring

    soft tissue recontouring
    If your gum line is uneven, we offer laser dentistry to provide soft tissue recontouring to balance out your gums and provide you with a more attractive smile. Those with a gummy smile or an imbalanced gum line in one area of the mouth, may want to even out their smile line. By using a dental laser, we can quickly and nearly painlessly reshape the gums for a more harmonious appearance.
  • Root Canals

    root canal
    We are able to perform gentle root canal treatment using our dental laser technology without the need of drills or shots. The laser is able to access the inside of the tooth where the infection is, clean out the damaged pulp, and reshape the tooth canal without the typical pain associated with the procedure.

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